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Entering 2020, with the longest January ever… I am heavily working on finishing my Ph.D., finalizing my dissertation and planning to defend. With that, I have little time to blog. However as that comes to close 2020 will consist of some awesome topics. I will be writing a lot more on parenting, education on childhood and adolescent disorders, play therapy, and oh parenting…and some more parenting…Parenting seems to be the biggest need I come across. People come in my office all the time searching for how to help their child(ren). Sometimes this comes with desperation, frustration, confusion of what to do. What’s right, do I listen to my friends or family? Do I parent the way I was parented? All of these questions come from a place of longing to do more and be more with the child.

As parents, we all have our struggles and we all have needs. There is a lot of misinformation out there, books, media… I’ve see some pretty appalling things. No one regulates what is published so self help can be very dangerous at times. It’s important to know who you are reading. Some of my favorite authors are Bruce Perry, Daniel Siegel- psychalive.org, AHAparenting. These are just a few authors that are truth-worthy and provide practical and scientific information. Check these authors out as well. Most of my information will be tie into the same theory as these authors. So you will be building and building your understanding and tools to use!