Summer is coming to an end, well summer break that is. For me, this summer has been very busy and stressful! Opening my own practice has been rewarding but also very stressful. Being in private practice or even a small group practice allows for so much more freedom…and it’s totally worth it. But anyway, public and most private schools are starting back and some homeschool families are starting their new year. Remember transitioning back to school can be very stressful for kiddos. For small children to teens, going back to school can create a lot of pressure and stress. This may manifest in anxiety and/or depression. Typically kids will adjust after a few weeks but if not there may be something else going on.

During the first weeks kids (and teens but I am going to keep saying kids) they need your support more than ever. New people, new teachers, overwhelming amounts of homework. This can create a lot of internal pressure. If you’re there to support them during this transition time and set up a good foundation for the school year. Remind them, they can do this. Help organize their work or help create an organization system. Make lists. Make visual aids, especially for kids with ADHD!

Another helpful tip, create a transition activity from school to home. This can help the stress from the day melt away. This transition activity can be something physical where the child can get some energy out, and identify what he/she liked and did not like about the day. Use this time to reflect on how they made them feel. This increases emotional intelligence and may help with transitions.